NEET PG – surgery quiz/SHOCK

Welcome to your NEET PG - surgery quiz/SHOCK

1. Which one is the best clinical parameter to assess shock
2. splanchnic circulation holds, what percentage of total blood volume?
3. indirect estimation of oxygen debt occurred during shock can be estimated by?
4. 1L blood loss in a healthy adult male in a case of trauma, represent which ACS class of haemorrhage
5. in cases of trauma, hypotension is defined as systolic blood pressure less than
6. which type of shock is seen in case of severe CO poisoning
7. vasoconstriction in hypovolemic shock is mediated by?
8. most common type of shock seen in surgical cases is
9. In an unconscious patient with hypotension, bradycardia and warm extremities, what can be the most probable cause of shock?
10. Which of the following best describes the hemodynamic response to septic shock?

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